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  We have had a great deal of positive feedback about our kits.

This Chemo Kit is gold, my friends…”

Robin Roberts, Good Morning America

“The Chemo Comfort Kit is an amazing combination of helpful and useful items.”
 - Kit Recipient

“It truly had every item the nurse had told me to have on hand. What a thoughtful and caring idea you came up with to help others. It was so touching to receive a gift like Chemo Comfort at a time like this.”
 - Kit Recipient

 "I wish you could have been with me when I delivered your beautiful Chemo Comfort kit to an elderly patient undergoing concurrent chemo and radiation treatments. The way her face lit up was wonderful to watch. This is a very poor lady with few luxuries that provide comfort and pleasure. Your present gave her both, along with the message that we understand how difficult this is for her and support her efforts.”
an R.N., Cancer Support Team

"What a brilliant idea! … Chemo Comfort is great.”  
 - Gift Kit donor
All information and advice are anecdotal. We are not medical professionals and do not dispense medical advice. Chemo Comfort comes from the founder's desire to share what she learned during her cancer experiences.

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